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India’s finest art and design show, the AD Design Show takes over Mumbai every year, pulling together the brightest minds and brands in the realms of art, architecture, and design.

Working closely with the AD team we designed a logo and identity system based on the idea of a ‘floor plan’. The idea that so many people come under one roof for the show that culminates in one piece of architectural design. The ‘floor plan’ is dynamic and ever changing just like the ideas discussed at the event.

The AD team then took the visual language forward to create event collateral.

Identity Design

Custom type logo design for MyRealTrip.

Founded in 2012, MyRealTrip is Korea’s leading online travel platform, helping Koreans to travel abroad. The company started by focusing on helping tourists find tour guides and tickets for holiday attractions. Over 8 million users have planned trips using MyRealTrip since its inception and the company offers over 10,000 products for domestic travels and over 23,000 products for overseas travels across 780 cities worldwide.

Custom Type

Identity, website design and development for YLabs Climate x Sexual and Reproductive Health framework.

The purpose of the framework is to highlight the impact that climate change has on sexual and reproductive health. We wanted the design to feel light and add just enough visual interest without distracting from the hero that is the framework.

Identity Design
See the framework:

Man Vs Calcutta is a display all-caps typeface that draws inspiration from the engravings I encountered in a church in Calcutta. As photography was not allowed in the church, I had to rely on my memory to bring the intricate designs to life in my typeface.

Originally, the project started as a casual sketch of a few letters, but my passion for the project quickly snowballed into a full-fledged typeface design. The end result was an unexpected yet delightful outcome of my determination and fascination with the Calcutta church engravings.

I hope this typeface captures the beauty and intricacy of the original engravings while also serving as a functional and visually compelling font for all your design needs.

Available on request. Email for trial:

Ian Hamilton Finlay

Collaborating with Anomaly Brands, we developed a logo for Full Circle, a Bangalore-based restaurant and bar.

Inspired by the art displayed in the space, the logo features a goblet symbol and unique typography. To ensure the logo looks great at any size, we created a variable design with a slider that adjusts the contrast and letter spacing for optimal legibility.

Whether used at a large scale or small, the Full Circle logo will remain distinctive and eye-catching.

Custom Type    Identity Design

Zephyr INS 6

Sail/Waves 1 — postcard des

Let Perish the Money Tyrants


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